Doran DS4050

Doran DS4050


Doran DS4050

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The  Model  DS4050  digital  baby  scale  is  exactly  what  you’ve  been  looking  for  in  a professional infant scale. The DS4050 combines accuracy, high quality construction, easy
operation – at a price that’s right for even the tightest budgets.

Providing  precise  measurements  of  babies  up  to  44  pounds,  the  DS4050  displays  the patient’s  weight  in  0.5  ounce  increments.  The  built-in  measuring  tape  can  be  used  to measure the length of infants up to 22.5 inches.  The rugged ABS weighing surface and housing are precision molded with smooth edges and a tight fi t throughout.

The weight is displayed on an easy-to-read LCD display with large 1” tall characters. With just three buttons, this scale is easy to use.

The Doran DS4050 Baby Scale…amazing quality, amazingly affordable.