Doran DBS 5000

Doran DBS 5000

DBS 5000

Doran DBS 5000

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Outstanding Durability & Reliability

A side load and vertical load protection system using rubber shock mounts prevents load cell sensor damage from impact and massive overloading as baggage is loaded onto the scale platform. An advanced electronic design prevents damage caused by electrostatic discharge present in dry airport environments.

Easy to Operate

Baggage weight is easily read from up to 20 feet on the large, bright red LED display. When baggage is placed on the scale, the displayed weight quickly stabilizes on the main and optional remote display.

Quick and Trouble-Free Installation

The modular design of the Doran Baggage Scale makes installation a snap! All of the scale’s electronics are contained in the panel mount main display—no additional electronics control box to install inside the counter. Simply install the main and remote displays into the counter cutouts and connect the foolproof keyed and locking connectors to the base, and the scale is ready to use.

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