Doran 8000IS

Doran 8000IS


Doran 8000IS

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Approved for All Classes, Divisions, and Groups
The Doran 8000IS Intrinsically Safe Bench Scale is a complete weighing system for use in any of the classes, divisions, and groups of hazardous areas as defined by Factory Mutual.

Battery or AC Powered Models are Available
The rechargeable battery pack provides 100 hours of use under continuous operation—much longer when used in the sleep mode. The battery pack is external and easily removed to the safe area for recharging.

For permanent installation, the 8000ISAC model is AC lined powered, eliminating the need for the battery and charger. The AC power supply module can be mounted in the safe or hazardous area, up to 30 feet from the indicator.

A Wide Variety of Bases Sizes and Capacities
Choose from the 2 lb Super Precision bases to detect changes in weight as fine as 0.1 grams. For larger capacities, the 24″ x 24″ scale base is available in 250, 500, or 1000 pound capacities.

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8000IS, 8000ISAC, 8000MIS, 8005IS, 8005IS/88, 8015IS, 8015IS/88, 8030IS, 8030IS/88, 8060IS, 8060IS/15, 8100IS, 8100IS/15, 8200IS/15